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Of Barns And Things...

Of Barns and Things
Copyright ©2002 D Fellows
All Rights Reserved

            She blinked, adjusting her eyes from the bright sunlight to the dimly lit barn. Reining to a stop, she dismounted and looped the reins over the stall boards and unsaddled her mount. Replacing the bridle and bit with a lead rope attached to the geldings halter, she turned her attention to removing the saddle. The saddle was shifted to the tree, the blanket hung over a rack to dry before she put them both back in the tack room.
            With a brush from the shelf, she began methodically brushing the gelding with long slow strokes. Lost in the job at hand, she didn't hear him come up behind her. She jumped slightly, chuckling as his arms slid around her waist.
            "Catch you off guard little one?"
            She paused and peeked over her shoulder.  "Yesss...but it's a nice catch."
            Jeff kept one arm around her waist, and covered her hand with his free one, following the strokes as she brushed the horse. She felt him harden against her, her tight jeans allowing her to feel every inch of his burgeoning hunger.
            She wiggled against him, teasing him.
            "Hmmm.  Getting brave are we?" he whispered in her ear. His hand left the brush and moved to the front of her blouse, and one by one, slipped the buttons free, revealing her naked breasts. Both of his hands came up to cup them, teasing the nipples with his thumb before pinching them delicately between thumb and forefinger.
            Eve paused in her brushing, leaning against him with a soft little moan.
            He squeezed hard enough to make her yelp at the pain. "Keep brushing. You aren't done yet."
            As she continued, he teased and tormented her nipples. He could feel her body tense, knew the effect his ministrations were having on her.         
            Chuckling low, Jeff nibbled her ear and along her neck with his teeth then paused to whisper to her.
            "Getting close are we?"
            She was panting now, struggling to maintain the long smooth strokes as she brushed. "Yessss," she hissed.
            "Good. If you're very good, maybe I'll let you cum.....later."
            He stepped back.
            She felt the cold through her shirt from his absence. Moving to the other side of the horse, she finished brushing him.
           "Put him away," he commanded when he'd decided she'd finished.
            Putting the brush back on the shelf, Eve led the gelding into his stall and removed the lead rope. She left the stall and latched the gate. Pausing, she laid the rope over the stall rail and dropped a leaf of hay into the feed box, and added a measure of grain to the other side. Turning, she started to move toward Jeff. He was leaning casually against a support post in the center of the barn, arms crossed over his chest.
            "Bring the lead rope, girl."
            She pulled the lead rope from the stall rail and looped it around her shoulders. She'd spent many long hours secured to that post and her belly tightened and trembled at the thought of being secured there again.
            As she approached him, he unwound from his stance and took both ends of the lead rope, crossing them under her chin and pulling them back over her shoulders.
            She panted as the ropes pressed against her throat. They were not so tight that her breathing was hindered, but the anticipation, the thrill of knowing he could tighten them at will made her heart pound and her juices flow.
            He kept the pressure on the rope as she removed her boots and socks. The rope tightened as she bent to slide her jeans down over her thighs and ankles. She stepped out of them and kicked them away. The shirt slid off her shoulders and let it snake to the ground behind her.
            He nudged her thighs apart. Holding the rope with one hand, maintaining the pressure, his free hand slid between her thighs, testing the moisture there.
            "Nasty nasty. I bet you'd cum if I said the word wouldn't you little slut?"
            Eve moaned as his fingers toyed with her clit and her eyes drifted closed. He laughed and pinched her clit then moved his hand away. "You know better."
            "Give me your hands."
            She held them out to him. He pulled the rope free slowly and looped it several times around her wrists, binding them together. One knot, then he led her to the post and pressed her against it. Pulling her arms up, he clipped the lead rope to the ring he'd installed there long ago. She could feel the smooth surface of the pole against her skin. Her breasts nearly straddled it, leaving her nipples free and available for his pleasure.
            Once again he nudged her thighs apart, pressing against her, his hands sliding possessively over her skin. No crevice, no dimple was ignored in his exploration. He moved around to the other side of the pole and grinned at her, his hand dipping into his pocket. Something shiny flashed in briefly, then he dangled a new set of clamps in front of her.
            "I bought you something new little one."
            He clamped one nipple. She barely had time to register the pain before the second clamp bit down on the other nipple, the chain connecting the two wrapped around the pole. The chain was short enough that her nipples were pulled outward and held in place.
Every move would tug them tighter.
            Eve held perfectly still, moaning softly, feeling the wetness drip from her pussy and trail down the inside of her thighs.
            Jeff moved away and out of her sight. She heard him rustling behind her, then heard the sharp crack of his whip next to her ear. She jumped involuntarily and the clamps bit down against the sensitive tissue.      She pressed hard against the pole, trying to alleviate the pain.
            Then came the pain of a different nature. Tiny bee stings danced across her shoulders and ass as he began a ritual of marking her with the tail on his whip. Over and over the sharp hot pain bit into her skin. Soon she was absorbing the pain, taking it into her, allowing it to give her wings and begin to soar.
            She didn't realize he'd stopped...never saw him move in front of her.
            But she felt the tiny pin pricks of needle sharp pain as the blood rushed back into her nipples. And the pain was only additional catalyst to send her on her journey. She felt herself falling, smelled the sweet smell of fresh cut hay and the warm scent of earth.
            She was on her knees, struggling to stay upright. Then he was filling her, sliding into her slowly, sensuously, his hands holding her hips as he thrust into her heat. Her muscles contracted, gripping him, savouring the fill of him inside her.
            His fingers slid around her thighs, searching for and finding her clit. He stroked it, his fingers following the rhythm his cock maintained inside her. His balls tightened and he thrust hard into her one final time as he pinched her clit between thumb and forefinger.
            "Now slut," he growled as his cock jerked inside her, releasing hot sweet cum into her pussy.
            Eve bucked against him, wave after wave crashing over her as she came over and over.
            Silence....that perfect place where he took her...her place to savour the sensations and pleasure he brought her. Her body floated...her soul free, unrestrained. Then, she felt his arms around her, holding her, his mellow voice murmuring to her as his lips feathered soft kisses against her brow.
            She curled into him with a soft sigh. "Thank you Master. You are entirely too good to me."
            He arched one brow, his eyes sparkling. "We can't have that."
            Without a hitch, Jeff stood up, still cradling her in his arms and strode out into the bright sunlight.
            She covered her eyes, blocking out the sudden intrusion of light after the darkened barn.
            She came up out of the horse tank sputtering and cursing.
            Jeff laughed until his ribs hurt. She looked up at him, glaring, but couldn't maintain the glare. She splashed him with the water and pushed her wet hair out of her face. "This is going to come back to haunt you."

            He grinned at her. "Perhaps little one. But you know what they say about payback."

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