Sunday, May 28, 2017

Out of The Dark...

Psychologist: "Do you hear voice in your head?"

Me: "Of course I do, I'm a writer."

Psychologist: "I don't mean imaginary ones."

Me: "Neither do I!"

I never rescheduled and he never followed up to find out why. Apparently we both knew we weren't going to connect.

Fiction writers are a special group of people. It's not about glitz and glamor, it's not about trying to be better than the author who's work you fell in love with. At the core of fiction writing, it's not even about selling.

Then why do it?

Because it's fun! Because it's a challenge to create a believable plot, with multi-dimensional characters, that yes, people fall in love with, commiserate with and cry over. But you created them, you gave them life...and then they took control and lived their lives, dealt with the roadblocks, laughed, grieved, cried and pondered. And they get really, really testy if you ignore them for any length of time.

I have not posted since 2013. Life occurs and I don't have a mini-me that keeps me going while I'm working 40+ hours a week, going to grand kids ball games and on and on. All excuse, I agree but it's been a long time since I could lay belly down on my bed and write my stories long hand at night before I fell asleep. My belly fights back and my writing is illegible.

So now, I have retired, and that is a whole other blog, which is what drew me back to this blog. And, I have testy characters in short stories that are letting me know they have waited long enough. They want to enjoy the limelight former stories have enjoyed here.

I'm back and I'm thrilled!! I hope you will be too!

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  1. eh, docs. What do they know? As long as those voices are not telling you to do harm to someone in real life, let them talk their heads off! And type as fast as your fingers will fly.
    Creative Blessings!


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