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A Friend Grants Her Wish

A Friend Grants Her Wish
© Copyright 2004
D. Fellows

            "I wish…,"
            Jessie Jenkins didn't finish the thought. Instead she fell back across the bed and closed her eyes.
            One delicate brow arched at the incomplete sentence as Angel prodded her with her toe.  "You wish what?"
            The two had become fast friends shortly after Jessie moved in next door. Their balcony's joined with no more than an iron rail to divide them. They'd both stepped onto their respective balconies one evening just as the sun dipped down behind the mountains. It was midnight before they'd finally said their good nights and wandered back inside. In that few hours, the path had been laid. It intersected nearly every night since then.
            Angel repeated her question. "You wish what?"
            Pushing herself into a sitting position, Jessie looked at her friend. "I want someone who will just take me. When he wants, where he wants, because he can!"
            The words came out in a rush, the brutal honesty washing over Angel like a warm rain. Carefully she chose her path.
            "You mean like rape?"
            Jessie's eyes widened, her head bouncing back and forth.  "No.  Not that. Something…," Angel could see her struggling for just the right words.  "…more."
            "Somebody's horny," Angel chuckled.
            Jessie smacked her with a pillow.
            "Yeah, and?" she said, laughing nervously.
            Finishing her drink, Angel stood up and wiggled her brows at Jessie before turning toward the door. "Be careful what you wish for."
            Jessie drifted upward from sleep and into absolute darkness. When she tried to get up, something restrained her. She struggled, tried to cry out, only to find something across her mouth. Her wrists were bound, she guessed to the headboard, her ankles to the footboard. She could feel the warmth flood her face when she realized she was bound spread eagle on the bed.
            "Easy chica."
            Angel's whispered words stilled Jessie's fear momentarily. Gentle fingers brushed her hair back from her forehead. She tried to speak around the gag and failed.
            "Trust me little one." Angel's teeth nibbled Jessie's ear lobe. She shivered and cringed. Angel chuckled softly.
            Jessie felt a shift on the bed as Angel crawled up between her legs.  Warm tears of embarrassment flooded her eyes and seeped into the blindfold. Angel was naked. Jessie felt warm skin settle against her own as Angel laid out full length on top of her. Fingers stroked and caressed Jessie's breasts, teased her nipples until she could feel them tighten and pucker. She whimpered behind the gag.
            Warm wetness enveloped one nipple while fingers continued teasing and tormenting the other. Teeth bit down, clamping around the turgid bud and pulled. Jessie shivered at the sensation. Angel switched to the other nipple and repeated the process.
            "I promise no one will…" she paused momentarily, then continued."…harm you." She nipped at the nipple again, pinching it between her teeth this time. "But I promise there will be delightful, stimulating pain."
            Jessie arched up, screaming behind the gag as something clamped down on first one nipple, then the other. She could feel a small chain resting against her chest, then felt a tug on both nipples. Again she screamed behind the gag as white hot pin points of pain danced through her.
            Angel was licking her now, moving slowly downward, circling her belly button before dipping the tip of her tongue into the depths.
            "Mmmm…like the sweetest candy. But it gets sweeter still, doesn't it chica."
            Jessie felt the invasion of Angel's fingers between the outer lips of her pussy, spreading them. Embarrassment flooded her as she realized everything Angel had done had made her hot and wet. She needed to be fucked more than ever and that was one thing Angel couldn't do.
            But she could make her cum. 
            Jessie rocked against Angel's fingers, trying to suck them deeper.
            Angel chuckled softly. "No baby girl. It's not time for you yet. You are not yet ready."
            The fingers pulled free, replaced by Angel's tongue, bathing Jessie's pussy and sucking the juices like an ice cream cone on a hot day. Jessie's body writhed and twisted beneath Angel as the wave built deep inside her and began the slow thick voyage outward.
            Angel's mouth was everywhere on Jessie's pussy, licking, sucking and nibbling. Fingers slipped between the inner lips once more, stroking and teasing. Two, then three, twisting and curving. Jessie bucked against her, begging silently for more, begging silently to cum. Angel's teeth came together on Jessie's clit, worrying it, biting it. Lights exploded behind Jessie's eyes at the pain radiating through her pussy. She was so close. So fucking close.
            Then Angel was gone.
            The weight on the bed shifted and Angel was whispering in her ear. "I'm going to untie you and lead you a bit. Behave and follow or you won't be allowed to cum."
            In Jessie's state, it was the ultimate threat. Meekly, when the restraints were removed and her wrists tied behind her, Jessie allowed herself to be led around the apartment. Periodically, Angel would stop and tug on the chain attached to the nipple clamps, or reach down and worry her Jessie's clit with her fingers. Jessie could feel her own juices running down her thighs. Her nipples were on fire and her body ached for release.
            Still she obeyed; petrified that Angel would not allow her that release when she was ready.
            By the time Angel stopped, Jessie was completely disoriented. Angel nudged her feet apart and nudged her to bend at the waist, her hand at Jessie's back, pressing forward. With her hands still bound behind her, Jessie was afraid she'd fall, but she followed where Angel guided until she felt something cold and hard pressing into her below her belly, Her arms stretched forward and down, bound once again. Jessie couldn't move her upper body. Nudging her feet apart again, Angel secured her ankles.
            Jessie couldn't move at all. She was bent so far forward, her ass was raised in the air. She stood nearly on tiptoe. Cool air caressed her body and she realized belatedly that she was out on the balcony. She prayed silently that there was no moon. She was on display for anyone that wanted to look up.
            She felt something beneath her and felt Angel's fingers slide into her pussy, fucking her hard and fast until Jessie thought she would explode. Once more, her body was bathed in her own juices. Suddenly the fingers were gone. Angel had moved up to torment her swollen throbbing nipples.
            She felt the first clip come free and nearly screamed as the blood rushed back into the sensitive skin. She tried to twist free as the second clamp was removed. Angel gently suckled on each breast, alternating between laving her nipples with her hot wet tongue and gently caressing them with her fingers.
            "Remember what you wished for chica?" Angel asked her?
            Jessie had no time to clear her thoughts before her body was suddenly invaded. Strong firm hands gripped her hips as a man's cock slammed into her over an over. She couldn't even rock back against the assault to draw more of him into her. In this position, she felt like he would cut her in two.
            A man's voice growled at her. "This is what you wanted little slut. To be taken, because you can be. To be used because it suits someone to use you."
            He paused in his thrusts and backed out. His fingers replaced his cock momentarily, then his cock slipped inside her once more. "To be used the way I want, for my pleasure."
            Jessie's head reared back as two fingers slid deep into her virgin ass and stroked slow and easy, twisting, and curling slightly. Beneath her, Angel began twisting her nipples, pinching them hard between her nails until they both burned like holy fire. Jessie's body shuddered under the onslaught as the fullness vanished from her ass and she was being pummeled once more by the huge hot cock.
            Her body betrayed her as the man slammed home, his own body shuddering with his release. Wave after wave washed over her as she came and came, over and over. Angel's fingers never let up. The man's fingers now reamed her ass once more. The walls of her pussy clenched and vibrated around his cock until she could feel it grow hard again.
            When she finally collapsed over the rail, spent and wrenched, she felt the gag being removed. Her wrists were released. Strong hands tangled in her hair and pulled her head back. She watched as he side stepped around her, and straddled her with his feet. Before she could wet her mouth enough to speak, his voice growled again. "The way I want for my pleasure." His cock slid between her lips, hard again and using her mouth the way he'd used her pussy. She felt the tip thrusting against the back of her throat as he fucked her. Suddenly he was filling her, white hot sweet cum jettisoning down her throat before she could swallow.
            Angel was between her legs again, licking and sucking her pussy, her fingers worrying her clit until she exploded once again, this time collapsing into unconsciousness.
            She woke up tucked into her own bed, the ropes gone; the blankets pulled up and tucked in around her. Angel sat beside her, wearing a soft fluffy robe, a warm cloth in her hands. Leaning down, Angel covered her mouth with a sweet kiss, slipping her tongue between her lips and teasing her own. Pulling back, Angel grinned then reached for the light. With a click she plunged Jessie into darkness once more.

            With a soft whisper, Angel warned her once again. "Be careful what you wish for."

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