Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Picnic in the Rain

Good morning!!  Weather is beautiful so maybe it's time for a picnic.

I've discovered writing graphically is not that difficult; putting those same graphics into something that fits more into novel format is a bit more difficult. Pacing and timing are everything, and has to follow the plot.

But now, let's go on a picnic!!

Rainy Day Picnic
© Copyright 2003
D. Fellows

            She cuddled in the blanket in the window seat, looking out over the landscape. On a good day, she could see the river in the distance against a backdrop of lush dark green mountains, a ribbon of silver sparkling in the sunlight. Today, all she could see was rain. The river and the mountains beyond were shrouded in clouds and fog.
            He came to her from behind, pulled the blanket back and feathered kisses along her shoulder.  "Brooding this morning little one?"
            She turned slightly and smiled up at him over her shoulder. "Not really Master. It's just the rain. I was hoping it would be nice so we could go do something."
            "Hmmm.  Well there are lots of things we could do despite the rain." His fingers traced her collarbone as his hand slipped beneath the blanket to fondle her bare breast, and tweak her nipple.
            "We could go to a movie, or the mall. There is always the museum."
            One by one he ticked off items. She listened, knowing what activities each could represent that did not involved watching the movie, shopping, or looking at musty old bones.
            A grin danced along her lips. Well, maybe one dusty old bone.
            Her thoughts were shifting, focusing on his hand beneath the blanket and the tingling that crept from her nipples down deep into her belly. Her lips formed a pout when his hand pulled away. Suddenly a blindfold came down over her eyes. Her fingers immediately flew to it.
            "Ah ah ah. Don't touch lil one. Just trust."
            She dropped her hands to her lap. "Yes Master," she murmured.
            He scooped her into his arms then, blanket and all and carried her through the house. Pausing after a few minutes, he allowed her to stand. They were in the garage. She breathed in the odors of oil and sawdust, hints of exhaust and fresh grass. He'd mowed the day before and parked the mower back in the garage.
            The car door opened and he guided her into the front seat, buckling her in. She sensed him lean down and then he was covering her mouth with his, his hand burrowing beneath the blanket to stroke her wetness.
            Chuckling, he pulled away. "I love what anticipation of the unknown does to you. I'll be right back."
            She heard the door close, felt the thud reverberate through the car. Her hands lay idle in her lap, her senses limited to smell and taste. Inside the car she could taste the stale musty air where the car had been closed up most of yesterday and all night. She could smell the growing odor of her own wetness, feel the moisture pooling just inside the lips of her pussy and knew that soon a wet spot would form on the blanket beneath her.
            The back door opened and closed. The car door opened and the car dipped as he slid into the driver's seat. She listened to the scrape of plastic against vinyl as he pulled the garage door opener off the visor. The soft click was followed immediately by the growl of the garage door raising slowly, grinding smoothly against gears.
            The car was in motion, backing slowly out of the garage. Now she could hear the steady patter of rain on the roof, the swoosh, swoosh of the windshield wipers, and the now muted growl of the garage door closing. She could feel the slight thump as the car backed over the edge of the apron of the driveway, the gentle swerve as he backed onto the street and stopped. A smooth thunk as the transmission shifted from reverse to drive. Forward motion on smooth pavement. The continuing patter of rain, the gentle swoosh of the wipers. In darkness, the sounds were reassuring.  She sighed and leaned back, relaxed.
            He chuckled softly as she sighed. "Are you warm enough?"
            "Yes Master. It's lovely all snug in my blanket. I think I could almost fall back asleep."
            "Hmmm...we can't have that. Pull the blanket back pet so I can see you."
            The expectation that she could also be seen by anyone drying past sent flutters of excitement driving deep into her belly. Slowly, she pulled the blanket back beneath the seat belt. The coarse strap now stretched across her bare belly. A soft snick and cool air bathed her skin, her nipples immediately hardening.
            In her mind she could almost see the innocent look on his face as he responded, "Yes pet?"
            She didn't respond.
            "Heft your breasts for me girl, and stroke your nipples. I want to see them hard and dark."
            She focused on his voice, his commands, no longer aware of the rain against the windows. She cupped a breast in each palm and stroked her nipples with her thumbs.
            The car stopped slowly, she heard the click click click of the turn signal.
            Her attention was suddenly diverted as first one nipple then the other suddenly stung as he slipped clamps into place and tightened them down.
            "Not tight enough pet?" Before she could respond, he gave each clamp another quarter turn.
            Her eyes clenched behind the mask, her palms still supporting her breasts, her thumbs resting above the clamps.
            "Continue pet. I don't recall asking you to stop."
            Biting her lower lip, she hesitantly resumed the motion, thumbs rubbing against hard hot nipples. The moisture between her thighs felt thick and heavy as it seeped from between her outer lips to soak into the blanket beneath her.
            She tried to focus on the motion of the car and ignore the dull throbbing in each nipple.   The car slowed, the click of the blinker repeated itself and they turned again. The car was now picking up speed.
            Beside her, Master chuckled again. She could feel him shifting in the car seat, the car slowing slightly. "Hold out your hands lil slut," he commanded, his voice changing slightly.
            She obeyed, the change in the tone of his voice familiar. He was beginning the push to drive her to the edge. The only unknown was how many times he would take her there before he allowed her to fly. She felt hard rubber against open palms.
            "You know where it goes. One hard thrust, then remove it."
            She squirmed on the seat to get into position and placed the tip between her outer lips. It was larger than any she remembered them owning.
            "Now!" he barked.
            She thrust it hard, as deep as it would go. Sitting as she was, that depth was limited.
            "Now put it in that hot wet mouth and suck it slut, like it was my cock and you are hell bent on pleasing me."
            Again she obeyed, tilting her head back and picturing his hard hot throbbing cock thrusting over and over into her willing mouth. She sucked it deeper, relaxing her throat muscles. She could taste her own essence on the surface, could feel the fire igniting and flaring deep in her belly. She moaned deep, the sound muted around the hard rubber shaft filling her mouth and throat.
            She didn't realize the car was stopped until his next command.
            "Stop. Do not remove it, but do not move."
            She squirmed on the car seat, her pussy throbbing, aching for some attention. The soft whisper of the window rolling down caught her attention. The rain had stopped. Someone leaned in through the window and fingers flicked her throbbing nipples. The seat belt released. Her hands were removed from the dildo and she clamped down to keep it from slipping out of her mouth. The door was pulled open and she was being pulled from the car, the blanket left in the seat. Warm moist air bathed her chilled skin.
            Forced to her knees, the dildo was removed and replaced with a hot hard cock. It throbbed against her lips and tongue, pressed against the roof of her mouth. Someone pulled her hands behind her and cuffed her. Fingers tangled in her hair and held her still while the cock thrust deep into her mouth and against the back of her throat. A foot nudged her knees apart.
            Fingers separated her outer lips and thrust into her, spreading her wide. Her juices streamed down the insides of her thighs. She felt the soft mud beneath her knees. The dildo nudged against her inner lips, slipped past, and thrust home. She felt her own release edging closer. A voice whispered in her ear, the breath hot and moist against her skin.
             "Not yet little slut....not yet."
            She moaned around the cock in her mouth and heard someone gasp. One final thrust and her mouth was filled with salty hot cum. She gulped and swallowed quickly, sucking against the cock as it eased out, milking the last precious drops from the tip.
            She was pulled to her feet. Fingers tangled in the chain dangling between the nipple clamps and tugged hard. A kaleidoscope of color danced in her darkness as the pain sliced through her. She was bent forward over the warm hood of the car.
            Fingers found her nipples and pinched as her feet were kicked apart until she was spread wide. The dildo was pulled free and replace with a cock.
            Her Master's cock, thrusting deep and hard into the white hot wetness.
            Over and over he pounded into her, his fingers still pinching and twisting her nipples within the clamps.
            One deep hard thrust as the clamps were suddenly yanked free. She screamed as he growled in her ear. "Now bitch. Cum now!"
            She bucked against him, fingers clenched into fists at her back. Wave after wave rolled over her, driving her on as she danced through one orgasm after the other.
            She didn't know when it stopped.  Realization came slowly. Her head rested against the hood of the car, her hands still cuffed behind her. Master's body covered hers, his breath fast and raspy against her ear. His cock still nestled inside her, but she could feel it slowly withdrawing as he slowly recovered.
            And the rain came.
            A gentle soft rain, warm and cleansing, washing away the sweat and tension of their bodies. He reached up with one hand and removed the blindfold. She opened her eyes, blinked and slowly opened them again. The trees formed a canopy over them and the air smelled of fresh sweet rain. He pulled her to her feet and turned her to face him. He too was naked and glorious, droplets of rain leaving damp trails down over his skin. Hands pushed her hair from her face as he stepped back and turned.
            There they sat, several of their friends, relaxing in lawn chairs beneath a huge canopy that protected them from the rain.
            A warm flush covered her face and swept downward.
            She turned her gaze back to him.  He smiled.
            "Who says you can't have a picnic in the rain?"

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Good morning all,

Remember BDSM is a realtime lifestyle. Sometimes confined to the bedroom, sometimes confined outside the bedroom. And, sometimes, it's confined to our fantasies. Fantasies can last an eternity, especially when your Master is a spirit.


The Legacy
Copyright ©2002 D Fellows
All Rights Reserved
            The house wasn't much...but it was hers.  She wandered around looking at the empty spaces where she would put furniture one piece at a time. For now, it remained empty. She had lots of wall space for pictures and lovely arches to hang curtains.
            Pausing, she looked up at one wide tall archway.
            "Now, why would anyone put eyebolts up there?" she wondered.
            As she wandered the house, she began noticing other things that seemed unusual. More eyebolts in the walls, spaced equally both near the ceiling and near the floor. Still curious, she continued her tour, finally ending up in the attic.
            It was a huge space even for an old Victorian. The windows on three sides were huge and well kept. Screens were new, and the hinges on the doors were well oiled. The windows swung open without a sound. A cool breeze filtered through the attic, and Emmie decided she'd put her room up here for the time being. That way she could make the improvements downstairs without disrupting her temporary bedroom.
            She moved her sLeAnnping bag upstairs along with her suitcase and necessaries. By the time she ate supper delivered in, she was exhausted. Stripping down to the bare nothing, she crawled into her sLeAnnping bag, and fell asLeAnnp to the soughing wind in the tree tops outside her window.
            It was later that she struggled awake, unseen hands pulling her sLeAnnping bag aside.
            Fingers curled around her arms and pulled her to her feet.
            Emmie screamed only to have it choked back as a gag of some sort was thrust between her teeth and belted around her head. Someone tall, strong, scooped her up and laid her over a muscular shoulder. She was carried, kicking and beating against him down the attic stairs to the main house. A hand came down hard on her bare cheeks and the shock of it drove her into stillness. Something was fastened about her wrists and ankles before she was set gently onto the floor. Her arms were stretched over her head, her legs spread wide. She was released. But when she tried to get away, she found herself bound to the wall she'd investigated earlier.
She hung there, exposed, vulnerable, and helpless as a round ball on straps was inserted between her parted lips, and fastened behind her head.
            Her eyes widened in surprise as she felt moisture pool between her legs just behind her inner lips. Slowly she raised her gaze to find them looking at her. There were three, one man, two women. The women were as naked as she, but he was dressed in black leather pants, barefoot and no shirt.
            The lights brightened and reflected off the hard planes of his chest and shoulders. His arms were thick and strong, his hands wide with long fingers. Her eyes widened as he approached slowly, his gaze pinning her in place as effectively as the restraints at her wrists and ankles.
            "You think you have purchased only a house," he said softly, one fingertip stroking her cheek. "But in fact, you have purchased a legacy. And now you will learn the meaning of that legacy."
            She struggled against the leather holding her in place and tried to speak around the gag. But the restraints held fast, the gag effectively keeping her words behind it. She wanted to wake up from this hellish nightmare.
            Suddenly one of the women came forward, her hand moving between Emmie's legs and dipping between her outer lips. Her gaze never left Emmie as she pulled her hand back and slipped her fingers between her lips, licking Emmie’s juices from them.
            "She's ready Master Philip," she reported softly.
            He smiled at the woman. "Thank you LeAnn. Kneel behind me until I call you." His glance shot to the second woman. "And you as well Ann."
            Emmie shot a gaze to the woman as he mentioned their names and realized they were identical twins.
            Master Philip turned from her and strode to the table just out of Emmie’s range of vision. He returned with something over his shoulder, a rounded wooden handle with leather attached to the end. His hands cupped her breasts, kneading them beneath his palms. His fingers pinched her nipples and twisted them, watching her eyes. Emmie moaned behind the gag, her fingers clenching against the pain.
            His head dipped and she felt his warm breath against her skin just before his lips closed over one nipple, suckling hard against it. His fingers still stoked, pinched and twisted the free nipple. He bit down, hard.
            Emmie squealed behind the gag and closed her eyes, her head thrashing.
            "Open your eyes girl!" he commanded.
            Without question she obeyed.
            “Good. You will learn quickly. From this point on, I am your Master and you shall refer to me as such. Is that clear?”
            Emmie nodded.
            He gripped her nipple between his teeth again and pulled back, stretching it out away from her body. When she thought she was lost in the pain, his teeth raked over the hardened sensitive bud as it pulled free of his grasp. She squirmed against her chains, tears trailing down her cheeks. She was helpless as he stepped back. Her nipples throbbed, burned from his attack.
            "Ann, take your place now."
            She watched, trembling as one of the twins crawled toward her and knelt between her parted thighs. Emmie looked down and watched as Ann licked her lips, her fingers parting Emmies outer lips, exposing her even more. She'd never ever considered another woman touching her, especially there. Her mind screamed denial but the words never formed. The gag effectively kept her protests banked.
            Watching Ann, she didn't see Philip grip the wooden handle lying against his chest and pull the leather falls free of his shoulder. The first strike against her breasts caught her off guard and she jumped. Before the second one fell, Ann’s tongue darted between her lips and began licking at her furiously. The leather falls fell across her breasts over and over, the heat on her skin intensifying with each strike, the redness blossoming deeper and deeper.
            Emmie closed her eyes against the double onslaught. Somewhere the pain vanished and became only sensation. She drifted on sensuosity, riding the waves of it as he struck her over and over.  Ann's tongue delved deep inside her, stroking the inner walls of her pussy. Emmie felt a wave build deep inside her, rushing outward. Behind the gag, she whimpered. Her chest thrust forward to meet each blow as it fell. Never in her life would she have expected to hunger for more of the steady burn that engulfed her. But she craved it now, reaching out for more even as her hips thrust forward, silently begging for more of Ann’s attention. Her spirit lifted, climbing higher, soared.
            Gasping behind the gag, she felt her body begin to slide over the edge.
            Philip stepped back.
            Ann rocked back on her heels, licking Emmie’s juices from her lips.
            Philip stepped forward, and reached up to Emmie’s head.
            The gag slid from her mouth. Her body continued to thrum with the need to finish what they had begun.
            LeAnn stood there, a bottle of cold water in her hand. She held it to Emmie’s lips and smiled encouragingly. Emmie drank deeply, letting the water wet the inside of her mouth and bathe her dry throat. LeAnn pulled the bottle back, dabbed at Emmie’s lips with a napkin, and then smoothed a fingertip over her lips, applying lip balm to ease the chapping.
            Philip waved her back. LeAnn returned to her position and knelt.
            Emmie winced as Philip reached up and tangled his fingers in her hair, pulling her head back until she could look nowhere but into his deep green eyes.
            "I told you you had purchased a legacy. Now I'll explain. The deal is done, the house is yours. You will live here until you draw your final breath. Each of us has owned this house at one time. It is a house of pleasure."
            He smiled slowly. "Primarily my pleasure, though others will be entertained here as well. And you are the undisputed hostess of the house. You will want for nothing. Everything will be provided, so you will not have to work, nor leave the house other than for specific purposes."
            "You will be unable to speak of the reality of this place. To all who know you, it is your home, and you survive by independent means."
            Emmie licked her lips. "I'll leave. I'll tell someone."
            Philip laughed, a deep reverberating sound that echoed through the house.
            "My dear, you will be physically unable to tell anyone anything. I control you and your actions." He leaned in closer, his breath hot against her neck and ear as he continued. "I will use you, display you, share you as I choose."
            Shock stunned her into silence and immobility when his words flowed over her. Their meaning set off a wave of hunger so intense, she would have melted to the floor had she not been tied.
            Something long, hot and hard probed between her thighs. Emmie gasped, realizing that at some point, his leather pants had been opened, his cock freed. Her eyes shifted downward, trying to see. He released the grip on her hair and allowed her to look.
It jutted out in front of him, thick and long, blue veins rippling beneath the skin.
Involuntarily, Emmie licked her lips.
            She whimpered, looking up at him. "Please," she whispered. "I've never...no one has ever..." She couldn't complete the sentence.
            Philip laughed. "And you will remain a virgin until I chose who will take that from you."
            His cock slid deep into her pussy and stilled, throbbing against her inner walls. She'd always heard there would be pain when her maidenhead was breached, but strangely, she felt none. He drew back and thrust hard upward, lifting her off the floor to the length of her chains.
            "Tis one of the privileges of being the slave to a ghost."
            He reached up with one hand and released her wrists even as the twins crawled forward and released her ankles. Philip caught her as she slid downward against the wall, only his cock holding her up. He carried her, still impaled to the floor. All three of them crawled over her, like ants across a plump piece of fruit. The twins devoured her, one's tongue thrusting into her mouth as the other laved her nipples, pinching and twisting until the pain radiated through her like wildfire through dry tinder.
            Sensation onslaught overloaded her senses as Philip pounded into her, LeAnn sucked her tongue, and Ann bit and sucked her nipples. She couldn't struggle. Restraints she couldn't see held her as effectively as those on the wall behind her.
            Philip was on his knees now, sitting back on his ankles and pulling her forward against his cock. His fingers tweaked the taut bud at the apex of her slit, teasing and torturing it until Emmie finally screamed in surrender.
            "Beg for it slut. I want to hear you beg me for release. I can hold you on the edge indefinitely, and I will."
            "Please," Emmie sobbed her body thrashing against the invisible restraints.
            With effective precision, Philip thrust into her hard, deep, burrowing in like a tick beneath her skin. "Please what slut?  Please who? Say it!" he commanded. "Say it!"
            Emmie screamed, so close, hovering on the edge of oblivion. "Please Master Philip, please let me cum!"
            “For who?”
            “For you Master, only you!”
            Suddenly, dams released, and the wave of surrender rolled over Emmie, carrying her along in tumbling sensation. Her body arched, eyes closed, blood hummed in her veins as she drifted then soared.

            She heard birds singing outside her window. Sunlight brushed across the wooden floor of the attic. Emmie stretched, luxuriating in the warmth from the sun as it caressed her naked skin.
            She bolted upright, her memory crystal clear.  Trembling, she looked down at the red welts across her breasts, watched as her nipples hardened once more at the memory.
            "My god," she whispered. "It wasn't a dream."

            A whisper, soft as moon beams drifted on the morning air. "Not a dream sweet slut, but a legacy." Soft laughter, deep and gentle reverberated in the stillness. "And today begins eternity."

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

A Sense of Touch

So, I'm working on being more consistent with my posts. At least til I run out of stories. I hope you enjoy this one.

A Sense of Touch

He'd told her to make the arrangements, send him the information and directions.
            She'd requested permission to establish the circumstances around the initial first meeting and he'd granted it. 
            A soft chuckle slipped past her lips to mingle with the muted roar of the river as she crossed the bridge, walking leisurely toward the restaurant. Clouds swallowed up the late afternoon sun, and the distant low rumble of thunder heralded the approaching storm. Already campers and tourists were scurrying for cover, but for those few die hard trout fishermen still waded the river in an attempt to capture that prize lunker hovering just below the rim of deep water.  She glanced in the direction of the river, running high from rains in the north, the run-off traveling the subsurface aqueduct from Alaska, down through Colorado and into the Midwest. The spring-fed river would rise still more before the northern storms passed. 
            Glancing at her watch as she stepped inside the door of the restaurant, she knew it would be a few minutes before he arrived. Nodding briefly to the hostess, she headed toward the end booth, settled, and slid all the way to the window. She'd been here many times for business breakfasts and immediately thought of this booth when she began her preparations for tonight. This particular booth looked out over the highway, the river beyond, and the shelf-rock ledges that formed a natural backdrop for the rushing water.  She exchanged brief pleasantries with the waitress when the girl set coffee and ice water in front of her, then clutched her mug. A light shiver made her hands shake.
            He was close. Very close.
            The sense of touch she'd seldom felt before was domination in itself.  For perhaps the first time in her life, she could understand the sensation that erupted within her when she entered the room and felt his presence. Each connection she made to him heightened her senses, sensitized them until she wanted to weep.
            The soft jingle of the bell above the door announced the arrival of another customer. She needn't look to know who that customer was. Looking up in acknowledgment, she gasped softly, then covered it by sipping at her coffee, smiling as the waitress set menus and his ice tea on the table before he could slide into the booth next to her. The impact on her senses nearly sent her spiraling...his presence in reality, his physical nearness. She shook her head softly; marveling at the effect one man could have on her.
            "Get a grip," she mumbled under her breath.
            He smirked lightly, looking from the tea to her.
            "Ice tea, lemon, no sugar," she murmured. Then, “Hello Sir. Welcome to the park”
            "Thank you, Littleone. It's beautiful here." He smiled. "Very good choice."
            She swallowed hard as the soft dark timbre of his voice caressed her. She'd sensed an unleashed power when they chatted...now it reached out to stroke her sensitivities like a spring breeze across naked skin.
            Suddenly she felt incredibly shy. Her voice softened in response.  "I knew it would suit you Sir. It's why I asked that you park at the cabin and walk here. So you might enjoy the full effect."
            Fingertips traced a whispery path down her cheek.  "And so that we might enjoy the walk back together."
A smile hinted at her lips." You've very perceptive Sir."
            He chuckled softly as he reached for his glass. As he sipped slowly, his hand slipped beneath the table to settle on her leg just above her knee. A slight squeeze turned to a deliciously slow caress, his fingers stroking lightly as they inched higher, slipping beneath the hem of her skirt.
            "Soft," he murmured, his fingers moving higher still.
            With incredible calm, she lifted her coffee cup to her lips and sipped slowly, thankful for both his size and the table, blocking her from the other customers and the waitress when she returned to take their order.  He continued the delicious torture while ordering their meal. Tiny sparks ignited beneath his touch, but the fire building deep inside captured her attention and forced her self-control. Her gaze darted sideways to find him grinning softly, his piercing gray eyes sparkling with what could only be described as mischief.  Tongue darting across her lips nervously, she set her mug down and peeked over at him, struggling to keep her breathing slow and even.
            His grin deepened, apparently sensing her inner turmoil. "It's only the beginning little one."  He leaned forward, brushing his lips across her cheek before whispering huskily, "Tonight you'll soar." Soft as the kiss of butterfly wings, his tongue flicked across her ear before he returned to his drink, watching the emotion in her eyes.  She'd always been told her eyes hid nothing. If that were the case, he watched a swirl of sparkle and shadow for his touch filled her with a mixture of sweet anticipation and nervous tension.
            They talked easily through the meal, chatting as casually as if they met often.  He questioned her about the park, listening with honest interest to her answers. This was a topic she warmed to easily for she loved the natural setting of the State Park.  Nestled in a deep holler at the edge of the Ozarks, the stocked river drew trout fisherman from all over the country. The state fish hatchery that provided the catch in the river was a constant source of tourist traffic to support the nearby small towns. The large spring, the second largest in the state, awed all that stood at the opening and gazed into the crystal depths.
            When they'd finished, she stood near the door while he paid the bill, and slipped out ahead of him when he opened the door. Once outside, his hand came up to rest on the back of her neck, his fingers draped down over her shoulder. The fifteen inch difference in their height made little else comfortable, and this enabled him to guide her where he chose as they headed across the bridge and into the park. The cabin she'd selected stood near the back of the park, well away from road traffic but still within the sound of the river.
            As they walked, he seemed to miss nothing, pausing to question her about one thing and another along the way. Fishing in the park ended at six o'clock and it was nearing seven. The crowd had nearly dispersed, leaving only a few nature lovers to roam the river bank and stroll the length of the park enjoying its beauty at dusk.
            Half way to the cabin, his fingers tightened lightly, guiding her off the road toward a semi-secluded picnic table nestled in the trees.  Few passers by would even notice their presence unless they left the roadway and moved toward them. He stopped her at the end of the table and she started to turn around to face him.  His hand on her shoulder stayed her movement. Looking up at him over her shoulder, she watched a slow smile curve his lips, his gaze shifting from her...to the table and back to her.  One brow raised in question, as if asking her if she understood what he wanted.
            She repeated his own actions, looking from him to the table and back to him, knowing exactly what he expected. Her gaze dropped to his hand at his side, huge hands at the end of strong muscled arms. He didn't employ corporal punishment and she hadn't done anything to warrant punishment...she didn't think. Darting a quick look toward the roadway, she leaned forward over the end of the table, her fingers gripping the rough edges.  She felt his palm caress her ass lightly, her body responding even before the first smack burned across her left cheek. The rush swept through her, wetness forming in the secret place between her thighs that tonight would belong only to him.
            A low moan escaped her lips as a second sharp smack rent the air, searing her right cheek. Then his palm was caressing her once more, soothing the pain, intensifying the fire blossoming in the pit of her stomach. His hand moved once more to her shoulder, pulling upright and turning her to face him.
            His smile sparkled in his eyes, his voice low and sexy. "You're very sensitive and open, little one." A single fingertip traced a path down her cheek and along the side of her throat.  "You respond freely and innocently." Chuckling softly, he leaned down, his lips brushing hers as he murmured, “and hungry for more."
            In a single sweeping motion, his hands encircled her waist and lifted her onto the end of the table, insinuating himself between her thighs, his palms cupping her face.  Raising her gaze to meet his, she watched as his head came down, his lips claiming hers in a deep, searching kiss that shattered her soul and stole away the last vestiges of her self control. In that single moment, she surrendered to his will, the transition to his dominance complete.
            She knew he caught and captured her submission when his hands slid slowly down her bare arms to catch her hands between his. A soft moan broke her lips as he pulled back from the kiss and looked into her eyes. Shifting both her hands into one of his, he reached into his back pocket and produced a length of black silk rope.
            "Will you walk the rest of the way to the cabin, hands bound before you, for all to see?"
            Even as the words willing left her lips, she thought of her friends herein the small Missouri community. Most numbered among the lawyers, doctors, and law enforcement officials, nearly all staunch church members. Fewer among even her closest friends knew who and what she was, a submissive searching for a master. 
            "Yes Sir," she whispered without reservation.
            He smiled then, and tied the cord around one wrist.  She waited for him to bind her other hand to the first, but he coiled the remainder of the rope and laid it in her palm, closing her fingers around it.  Questions tumbled about in her mind as she raised her gaze to his.
"Learn the feel of the rope against your skin, little one. And walk proudly beside me." He reached out and caressed her cheek, adding softly, "Your submission pleases me."
            His hand moved once more to her neck and they continued on to the cabin, falling once more into casual discussion about the park as she pointed out different things to him.
            Despite her surrender, when she stepped through the door to the cabin, something changed in her.  In public, her submissiveness seemed almost a delicious daring secret.  To everyone around her, she was the confident competent woman they'd come to know and care about. Behind the closed door, in the presence of this firm but gentle man, she came to full potential; she came into her own sense of self.  No secrets, nothing to hide from the 'nilla world.  In here, she could slip free of societal restraint and enjoy the freedom of sensual bondage and complete submission.
            The door closed with a soft click, the lock snicking into place.  He turned to face her, studying her a moment before setting the bag he'd retrieved from his truck on the table in the middle of the room.  A quick scan of the room, his gaze lingering briefly on the bed and the thick soft furs spread out across the top. A deep chuckle slipped past his lips as he made three easy steps to stand before her.
            "You're idea?" he asked, indicating the furs.
            "Yes Sir," she answered, grinning impishly.
"Very creative, little one. I like that."
            His words were a verbal caress against her senses. She craved approval, a gentle touch, be it physical or emotional. But most of all, his approval indicated his pleasure with her.
            Somewhere during the last hour or so, her rioting emotions fell into some semblance of calm. She'd known when they first chatted online that a first meeting with him would take her full concentration. Seldom had she sensed a link to someone so strongly, and even less seldom had she erred in her judgment based on that mystic touch.  But she had been out of step in the past, at least once. Silently she prayed to whatever gods were listening that she wasn't wrong this time. In her heart, she believed she had sensed correctly. She wouldn't allow doubt to interfere with the impressions she continued to receive.
            Her breath caught in her throat as he reached out and slipped the buttons on her shirt, one by one, his fingers brushing her skin. As he undressed her, piece by piece, he spoke to her, his voice low, as intoxicating as his presence within her space. Shifting her perspective, she watched his aura ripple, the colors shifting with his emotions and words.
            "You have fears, I know."
            Her shirt fell to the floor behind her, his fingers sliding the straps of her bra down her shoulders before reaching behind her to unfasten the hooks. It followed her shirt, her breasts bared to his gaze...his touch, her nipples puckered into hard nubs aching to be touched.
            "Mmmmm...nice," he murmured as his fingers pinched her nipples, sending rippling fire spinning through her. "No fears, little one.  Let go."
            Dropping to one knee, he unfastened her skirt and slid it slowly over her hips and down her legs to puddle around her feet.  She stepped away from it and moved it into the pile with her shirt and bra. <BR>
            He raised his head then, his lips closing around one pleading nipple, his teeth grazing it before sucking it deep into his warm moist mouth.  Then, releasing it, he looked up at her, his voice barely a whisper, caressing her senses with a lover's touch.
            As his hands gripped her ass and pulled her toward him, something tripped inside her.  A soft moan slipped past her lips as her palms came to rest lightly on his shoulders to steady herself. The thong undies she wore did little to slow his assault on her pussy, her wetness soaking the thin bead of material between her legs. When his fingers slid sensuously along her slit, just inside her lips, her knees threatened to buckle.
            But when her body tensed, as if in unconscious defense, he pulled away and stood up.
            "No.  Don't tense up...flow with the feelings little one.  Let your body sing."
            Tears filled her eyes and she blinked quickly to erase them.
            "God," she pleaded silently. "Don't let me disappoint him."
            Standing, he stepped back.
            "Give me your hands."
            Obediently, she held her hands out to him, watching silently as he finished tying them together, leaving nearly a six inch space in the rope between her wrists. He ran his fingers lightly across his knots, chuckling.
            His soft laughter released something inside her and she found herself grinning at him.  "Proud of your workmanship, aye Sir?"
            He tweaked her nipple playfully. "Of course.  Eagle Scout...merit badge...remember?"
            Her grin deepened. "I remember Sir. As I recall, I wanted proof of that."
            Holding her wrists up, he grinned wickedly. "Behold the proof, little one."
            Looping his fingers through the length of rope between her hands, he led her over to the bed and sat down, pulling her between his thighs.
            "Tell me what you've brought us," he commanded gently as his fingers began to lightly stroke her hips, her thighs, her belly.
            The delectable flush spreading through her made speech nearly impossible.  "Sodas, Sir. Ice in the freezer, a bottle of wine open and breathing on the counter, crackers, cheese, and fruit should you get the nibbles Sir."
            That wicked grin slipped into place once more. "I have all I want to nibble on right here."  As if to reinforce that, he leaned down and nipped at her nipple.
            A soft gasp of pure pleasure escaped her lips, her thoughts losing track of what they had been discussing. He shifted to the other nipple, biting a bit harder, holding it between his teeth, watching her reaction.
            Moaning softly, she allowed her eyes to flutter closed with the pleasure.
            In a voice soft and low, he commanded her. "Open you eyes. I want to see my desire mirrored there."
            Slowly her eyes opened, meeting his gaze. "Yes Sir," she whispered softly.
            His teeth tightened, pulling back, sending pin prickling sensation into the tip of her nipple. Whimpering at the pain, she felt herself pulling in the opposite direction, encouraging the pleasure he invoked. She felt his teeth rake across the sensitive bud as her nipple slipped from between his teeth. Her fingers clenched before her in response.
            Tongue replaced teeth as he gently caressed the aching nipple before looking up at her.
            "That's my girl. Let your body feel...lose yourself in the sensations."
            Guiding her into a backstep, he stood and led her over to the table.  Pulling out a chair, he settled into it and looked up at her.  "I want you to unpack the bag, little one, and lay out our toys."
            Nodding, she opened the bag and started to reach inside. His hand reached out and stopped her.
"You wait for me to finish, little one."
            She dropped her gaze, sensing his disappointment. "Yes Sir," she whispered brokenly.
            "Look at me, please."
            Immediately she raised her gaze to meet his.
            "You're innocent in so many ways. I intend to see you surrender some of that innocence tonight. But you'll do so with my guidance. Remember who is in control.”
            "I remember Sir."
            He smiled then, and her heart melted.  Suddenly she knew she'd do anything for that smile of approval turned in her direction.
            "Each item you remove from the bag, you'll study, then caress." A soft grin lit his face, a spark of mischief sparkling again in his eyes. "Some, I might demonstrate for you."
            She blinked, her thighs clenching as moisture rushed into her pussy once more.  She'd be dripping soon at this rate!>
            As if he read her thoughts, his fingers darted between her legs to stroke her lightly.  Pulling back he chuckled softly:  "Almost...."
             Warmth blossomed across her cheeks.
            He smiled. "That is part of the innocence I don't want you to lose, little one. It's most becoming." He nodded to the bag.  "Let's see what you find in my treasure chest first."
            She turned eagerly back to his bag, and started to reach inside.  Suddenly she paused and looked back at him. Her eyes must have reflected the sudden realization that danced through her thoughts.
"What is it, little one?"
            She blinked again, tilting her head slightly as she looked at him, a sense of wonder filling her. I'm having fun, Sir."
            His warm rich laughter echoed through the small cabin. Pulling her onto his lap, he held her close, stroking her hair. "It's supposed to be fun.  And sensuous, and exciting, relaxed and shared. I'm honored because you're allowing me to share some of the firsts in you submission...a submission tonight is gifted to m.  And I don't accept that surrender lightly.  You make me feel very special that you chose me to guide you deeper into your true self."
            Tears shimmered on her lashes. "I'm honored that you allow me the opportunity to please you, and I'm proud to be guided by you Sir. Knowing my fears...my self-doubts, you've shown such patience. I pray I don't disappoint you."
            His voice softened. "Little one, you won't disappoint me. You should know that in here." A single fingertip touched her chest over her heart. You are the one who felt the touch that brought us here. Doesn't that tell you something?"
            She smiled in understanding and responded with equal softness. "I'm s'posed to be here...with you--tonight. It's right."
            "Good girl." He pulled the bag over to the end of the table. "Now, unpack please.”
            "Yes Sir!"
            Diving into the bag once more, her fingers curled around a thin chain. She knew what it was before it slipped into view. 
            Nipple clamps. 
            She swallowed hard, then untangled the chain, her movements restricted slightly because of her restraints. The delicate silver chain slid through her fingers. Gripping a clamp in each hand, she studied them with growing interest.  She'd heard about them, had seen them in packages in the store, but never held a pair, never felt the pressure clamp down around the sensitive buds.
            As she examined the first toy, his fingers slipped up to pinch and taunt her nipples.  "Put them on, little one," he commanded softly. His hands continued to caress her breasts and nipples.
            Tongue darting out to wet her lips nervously, she attached first one clamp, then the other, the chain swinging gently between her breasts.  She moaned low at the alien sensations. Sharp distinct pain throbbed in each nipple as his fingers tangled in the chain, pulling gently.
            She arched into the pull, crying out softly. "Ahhhh...Sir!”
            He released the chain, his hand slipping between her thighs, his fingers stroking her pussy, wet and throbbing now. "Continue unpacking."
            Her fingers trembled now as she reached into the bag with both hands, her fingers brushing across soft leather. A slight grin of anticipation danced across her lips as she withdrew a multi-strand flogger of soft deerskin. Curling her fingers around the leathers, she pulled them gently across the palm of her hand before burying her face in the deerskin, inhaling the leathery scent.
            "Mmmmm..."  Lowering it, she allowed it to trail lightly across her bare leg, shivering delightfully at the soft caress, knowing that she would experience a much different sensation when the flogger was in his hand.
"Hmmmm. Like that do you?"
            Her bottom lip slipped between her teeth nervously. "Don't know Sir." Her grinned deepened. "But, I look forward to finding out!"
            He chuckled. "I'll bet you do."
            His fingers suddenly delved inside her, stoking deep and slow.  She responded with a soft gasp, then a low moan as a wave of pleasure crested on the edge of her reality.  Her nipples throbbed in time to the rapid pounding of her heart. Struggling against the impact of sensation, she turned her gaze on him, allowing him to see the desire she knew burned in her blue eyes. Her hands clenched around the handle of the flogger even as the walls of her pussy gripped at his fingers.
            His free hand reached to the chain between the nipple clamps, one finger running lightly across it, not pulling, but stressing the clamps clipped to her throbbing nipples.  Deeper and faster, two fingers now becoming three as he pounded into her, his thumb gently rubbing her clit.
"Flow with it little one. Feel it. Tell me what you feel."  His voice caressed her, the soft-spoken command undeniable.
            "Alive!" she moaned softly.  "God, I'm on fire...everywhere!"
            He pulled lightly on the chain as his thumb teased her clit with increased pressure.  "What else?"
            "Ahhhh..." Her body arched involuntarily into his touch. "I want..." Even at this new level of pleasure, training ingrained stopped her.   "For you..." she nearly sobbed, fighting to hold back the explosion building within.
            The pain erupted in her nipples as he pulled harder, turning to excruciating pleasure, thrumming through her body.  She cried out, sharply." Let me cummmm...for you...please..oh god, Sir....please!"
            He hesitated. Somewhere on the edge of her thoughts she feared he was going to deny her release, as was his right. She knew to do so would only sweeten the experience when he did allow her to cum. Her concentration was slipping, her control on the edge of failure when a single word insinuated itself into her mind.
            Her body tensed, the heat surging through her ahead of the wave shifting to liquid fire as the cresting wave exploded around his fingers, bathing him with her sweet hot juices.  Her hips bucked wildly against his hand, his fingers still pounding into her.  He'd let go the chain, but her nipples continued to throb, the blood-engorged buds increasing the pressure of the clamps.
            "Oh, god...Sirrrrrr!" she sobbed uncontrollably. Never had she felt such sweet surrender unleashed within her own body. Her eyes closed, her senses swirling amidst a soft haze of color. "Mmmmmmm....hissssss." Breath drawn between clenched teeth mingled with low moans of sheer pleasure.
            His arm was around her now, supporting her trembling body, his fingers now stroking slowly within her, drawing forth the last vestiges of her release. Words soft and low murmured against her ear brought her slowly down to earth. Her heart still hammered against her ribs, her nipples still throbbing uncontrollably. With deft fingers, he reached up and released the clips from each nipple. She bit her lip hard against the needle sharp pain as blood flowed back into the deprived skin. From beneath lowered lashes, she watched as he bent down and gently suckled first one nipple then the other, soothing the burning sensations.
            She sagged lightly against him, meeting his gaze, his eyes soft and warm, his smile a treasured balm to her senses. "Thank you Sir," she murmured in a hushed voice.
            He kissed her tenderly, his lips caressing hers. "Welcome little one. Feel better?"
            The soft laugh that erupted from her lips surprised her. "Oh yes Sir!"
            "Good," he smiled. "Now, the real fun begins!"

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Of Barns And Things...

Of Barns and Things
Copyright ©2002 D Fellows
All Rights Reserved

            She blinked, adjusting her eyes from the bright sunlight to the dimly lit barn. Reining to a stop, she dismounted and looped the reins over the stall boards and unsaddled her mount. Replacing the bridle and bit with a lead rope attached to the geldings halter, she turned her attention to removing the saddle. The saddle was shifted to the tree, the blanket hung over a rack to dry before she put them both back in the tack room.
            With a brush from the shelf, she began methodically brushing the gelding with long slow strokes. Lost in the job at hand, she didn't hear him come up behind her. She jumped slightly, chuckling as his arms slid around her waist.
            "Catch you off guard little one?"
            She paused and peeked over her shoulder.  "Yesss...but it's a nice catch."
            Jeff kept one arm around her waist, and covered her hand with his free one, following the strokes as she brushed the horse. She felt him harden against her, her tight jeans allowing her to feel every inch of his burgeoning hunger.
            She wiggled against him, teasing him.
            "Hmmm.  Getting brave are we?" he whispered in her ear. His hand left the brush and moved to the front of her blouse, and one by one, slipped the buttons free, revealing her naked breasts. Both of his hands came up to cup them, teasing the nipples with his thumb before pinching them delicately between thumb and forefinger.
            Eve paused in her brushing, leaning against him with a soft little moan.
            He squeezed hard enough to make her yelp at the pain. "Keep brushing. You aren't done yet."
            As she continued, he teased and tormented her nipples. He could feel her body tense, knew the effect his ministrations were having on her.         
            Chuckling low, Jeff nibbled her ear and along her neck with his teeth then paused to whisper to her.
            "Getting close are we?"
            She was panting now, struggling to maintain the long smooth strokes as she brushed. "Yessss," she hissed.
            "Good. If you're very good, maybe I'll let you cum.....later."
            He stepped back.
            She felt the cold through her shirt from his absence. Moving to the other side of the horse, she finished brushing him.
           "Put him away," he commanded when he'd decided she'd finished.
            Putting the brush back on the shelf, Eve led the gelding into his stall and removed the lead rope. She left the stall and latched the gate. Pausing, she laid the rope over the stall rail and dropped a leaf of hay into the feed box, and added a measure of grain to the other side. Turning, she started to move toward Jeff. He was leaning casually against a support post in the center of the barn, arms crossed over his chest.
            "Bring the lead rope, girl."
            She pulled the lead rope from the stall rail and looped it around her shoulders. She'd spent many long hours secured to that post and her belly tightened and trembled at the thought of being secured there again.
            As she approached him, he unwound from his stance and took both ends of the lead rope, crossing them under her chin and pulling them back over her shoulders.
            She panted as the ropes pressed against her throat. They were not so tight that her breathing was hindered, but the anticipation, the thrill of knowing he could tighten them at will made her heart pound and her juices flow.
            He kept the pressure on the rope as she removed her boots and socks. The rope tightened as she bent to slide her jeans down over her thighs and ankles. She stepped out of them and kicked them away. The shirt slid off her shoulders and let it snake to the ground behind her.
            He nudged her thighs apart. Holding the rope with one hand, maintaining the pressure, his free hand slid between her thighs, testing the moisture there.
            "Nasty nasty. I bet you'd cum if I said the word wouldn't you little slut?"
            Eve moaned as his fingers toyed with her clit and her eyes drifted closed. He laughed and pinched her clit then moved his hand away. "You know better."
            "Give me your hands."
            She held them out to him. He pulled the rope free slowly and looped it several times around her wrists, binding them together. One knot, then he led her to the post and pressed her against it. Pulling her arms up, he clipped the lead rope to the ring he'd installed there long ago. She could feel the smooth surface of the pole against her skin. Her breasts nearly straddled it, leaving her nipples free and available for his pleasure.
            Once again he nudged her thighs apart, pressing against her, his hands sliding possessively over her skin. No crevice, no dimple was ignored in his exploration. He moved around to the other side of the pole and grinned at her, his hand dipping into his pocket. Something shiny flashed in briefly, then he dangled a new set of clamps in front of her.
            "I bought you something new little one."
            He clamped one nipple. She barely had time to register the pain before the second clamp bit down on the other nipple, the chain connecting the two wrapped around the pole. The chain was short enough that her nipples were pulled outward and held in place.
Every move would tug them tighter.
            Eve held perfectly still, moaning softly, feeling the wetness drip from her pussy and trail down the inside of her thighs.
            Jeff moved away and out of her sight. She heard him rustling behind her, then heard the sharp crack of his whip next to her ear. She jumped involuntarily and the clamps bit down against the sensitive tissue.      She pressed hard against the pole, trying to alleviate the pain.
            Then came the pain of a different nature. Tiny bee stings danced across her shoulders and ass as he began a ritual of marking her with the tail on his whip. Over and over the sharp hot pain bit into her skin. Soon she was absorbing the pain, taking it into her, allowing it to give her wings and begin to soar.
            She didn't realize he'd stopped...never saw him move in front of her.
            But she felt the tiny pin pricks of needle sharp pain as the blood rushed back into her nipples. And the pain was only additional catalyst to send her on her journey. She felt herself falling, smelled the sweet smell of fresh cut hay and the warm scent of earth.
            She was on her knees, struggling to stay upright. Then he was filling her, sliding into her slowly, sensuously, his hands holding her hips as he thrust into her heat. Her muscles contracted, gripping him, savouring the fill of him inside her.
            His fingers slid around her thighs, searching for and finding her clit. He stroked it, his fingers following the rhythm his cock maintained inside her. His balls tightened and he thrust hard into her one final time as he pinched her clit between thumb and forefinger.
            "Now slut," he growled as his cock jerked inside her, releasing hot sweet cum into her pussy.
            Eve bucked against him, wave after wave crashing over her as she came over and over.
            Silence....that perfect place where he took her...her place to savour the sensations and pleasure he brought her. Her body floated...her soul free, unrestrained. Then, she felt his arms around her, holding her, his mellow voice murmuring to her as his lips feathered soft kisses against her brow.
            She curled into him with a soft sigh. "Thank you Master. You are entirely too good to me."
            He arched one brow, his eyes sparkling. "We can't have that."
            Without a hitch, Jeff stood up, still cradling her in his arms and strode out into the bright sunlight.
            She covered her eyes, blocking out the sudden intrusion of light after the darkened barn.
            She came up out of the horse tank sputtering and cursing.
            Jeff laughed until his ribs hurt. She looked up at him, glaring, but couldn't maintain the glare. She splashed him with the water and pushed her wet hair out of her face. "This is going to come back to haunt you."

            He grinned at her. "Perhaps little one. But you know what they say about payback."

Out of The Dark...

Psychologist: "Do you hear voice in your head?"

Me: "Of course I do, I'm a writer."

Psychologist: "I don't mean imaginary ones."

Me: "Neither do I!"

I never rescheduled and he never followed up to find out why. Apparently we both knew we weren't going to connect.

Fiction writers are a special group of people. It's not about glitz and glamor, it's not about trying to be better than the author who's work you fell in love with. At the core of fiction writing, it's not even about selling.

Then why do it?

Because it's fun! Because it's a challenge to create a believable plot, with multi-dimensional characters, that yes, people fall in love with, commiserate with and cry over. But you created them, you gave them life...and then they took control and lived their lives, dealt with the roadblocks, laughed, grieved, cried and pondered. And they get really, really testy if you ignore them for any length of time.

I have not posted since 2013. Life occurs and I don't have a mini-me that keeps me going while I'm working 40+ hours a week, going to grand kids ball games and on and on. All excuse, I agree but it's been a long time since I could lay belly down on my bed and write my stories long hand at night before I fell asleep. My belly fights back and my writing is illegible.

So now, I have retired, and that is a whole other blog, which is what drew me back to this blog. And, I have testy characters in short stories that are letting me know they have waited long enough. They want to enjoy the limelight former stories have enjoyed here.

I'm back and I'm thrilled!! I hope you will be too!

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Ghostly Domination

Ghostly Domination
 © Copyright 2003

            Leaves rattled in the wind. Branches scraped ominously against the panes of glass above her bed.  She shivered once and pulled the covers tighter around her neck, her gaze darting about the darkened room.
            The street light cast weak patterns of dappled light across the floor and walls, the moving branches forcing shadows into a macabre dance. Kayla kept her gaze attuned to the movement, watching images form and dissolve over and over. It was a distraction. It kept her from thinking about the silence that followed each reverberating clap of thunder, and the semi darkness following each brilliant electrifying shaft of lightening.
            And with the last flash from the sky, the world turned black.
            Craning her neck to peek out the window, she saw only darkness. The last bolt of lightening must have taken the power with it. With nothing left to watch, Kayla closed her eyes and forced herself to think of something besides being alone in the house with unrelieved darkness, and the constant rustle of leaves and branches outside her window. As usual, forming a fantasy in her mind, she drifted off to sleep.
            She felt it rather than saw it. Something cool flicking across her skin. The blankets had ridden down, exposing her naked breasts. Her nipples puckered and strained as if stroked with a silken touch. Straining, she tried to see through the stygian darkness. She could feel, but could not see, someone…something caressing her skin. Convinced she remained enveloped in her fantasy turned dream, she tucked her fingers beneath the headboard and released her imagination.
            Images crowded in behind closed eyes as sensation invaded her senses. Warm fingers danced along her sides, something wet flicking across the swollen buds of her nipples, alternating, first one, and then the other.
            Teeth closed around a throbbing nubbin and bit down. She moaned in pain, then pleasure as the nipple was pulled outward. Teeth scrapped along the sensitive skin in the nipple popped free. The experience shifted. She felt the alternate nipple captured, the sharp edges of teeth clamping down hard, pulling, raking the skin until that nipple too, popped free.
            When her legs began to spread, she pressed them together and met with strong resistance. Someone…something forced them apart, exposing her vulnerability. Lightening illuminated the room. Kayla remained alone.  She opened her mouth to scream, the realization that she no longer dreamed rampant in her thoughts, but no sound immerged. Pulling her hands from beneath the headboard, they moved only a few inches and stopped, restrained by an unexplainable force. She felt nothing on her face or around her wrists, but she could neither speak nor defend herself.
            The presence, for she understood that something controlled her beyond her own fantasy, drew her knees up and spread them apart. She felt the essence of something settle between them.  Fingers opened her, spreading the folds of her pussy. Somewhere in the confusion she felt the moisture between her thighs. Deep in her belly, the hunger ignited. Warm wetness speared into her, fanning the sparks into licking flames.
            "No, no," her mind pleaded, but no sound escaped her.
            Those same fingers that opened her to exploration now penetrated her, delving into her, pumping, twisting, opening. She couldn't count the number, but the fullness increased. Her body responded to silent entreaty, her hips rising to meet the gentle thrusting, her pussy accommodating the fullness. She felt a thumb caress her clit, then fold away and disappear into her pussy with fingers and palm.
            She'd never been fisted, but the experience was not like she would have imagined. Where she expected pain, there was insistence, pressure, then settlement. Kayla fucked the hand that filled her, dominated her, her hips rising and falling to match the steady restricted thrust of the hand inside her.
            Then it stilled, paused inside her as though the ghostly essence waited for her to calm, her body slowed, and stilled, and the fist flexed. Kayla arched hard. Knuckles brushed and offered pressure against a place she'd never known existed. She screamed behind the invisible gag, her body shuddering with wave after wave of pleasure as the fist twisted and pummeled the inner walls of her pussy. Her muscles clenched, meeting nothing, but the sensation of fullness intensified. Whatever nestled inside her body now found itself bathed in sweet hot honey as one orgasm followed another.
            On the fringes of awareness, Kayla felt the fist gently withdraw and mourned the suddenly empty feeling that washed over her.
            Something or someone lapped at her skin, a tongue sliding between her outer lips to capture the remainder of her climax. She felt soft pressure against the tight rosebud opening of her ass and tensed.
            She'd never been taken there, had no desire to have it be so. But she couldn't deny even to herself that she had not been curious. Something wet and cold bathed her there, then pressure as one finger penetrated. She ground her ass against the bed and squirmed. Gentle insertion continued, as though testing her, and made her hunger for more. She gasped as the finger slid deep, then withdrew and vanished.
       Her legs rose. She'd never felt additional weight shift the bed, yet someone, or something was between her legs, lifting them, higher, until even her hips rose slightly off the bed. Her knees bent, her lower legs suspended in the air. Fingers stroked her pussy, dipping in and out, pausing to tease her clit.
            Without warning, her body was invaded once more, filled to capacity and beyond as what felt like a cock thrust into her. Kayla moaned deep in her throat and tightened her legs against the immovable force kneeling between them. Deeper and harder the presence thrust, driving her downward with each forward thrust. She strained against restraints she couldn't feel, and moaned around a gag she couldn't taste. Kayla panted as the wave blossomed and swelled in the pit of her belly, radiating outward, gathering momentum. With one final, deep thrust, her world exploded around her.
            Stars ignited and exploded in the darkness behind her closed lids and she cried out behind the gag as another orgasm swept her along. Something warm bathed her inside out and trickled down her ass to pool on the bed beneath her.
            Then warmth enveloped her. She could feel dampness smearing her chest. Her legs slid slowly back to the mattress, warm honey sliding across a hot rock.
            Her hands were free.
            The invisible gag...gone.
            The warmth present moments before now missing. Her blankets were drawn over her, tucked gently about her shoulders. Something feather light brushed her cheek. The presence was fading; she could feel the balance in the room change.
            "Wait," she cried out, finding her voice for the first time.
            "Who are you?"
            As the balance returned, the air charged with energy moments before softened and stilled, a soft whisper rippling through that stillness.